Salamander Big Band Akan Tampil Konsep Fusion di JJF 2015

Jazz On Trijaya 1 Februari 2015 , Interview with Devy Ferdianto (Salamander Big Band)
Devi Ferdianto mengatakan bahwa di event JJF 2015 mendatang Salamander Big Band akan tampil dengan konsep yg berbeda dari sebelumnya, selama ini big band identik dengan konsep swing, nah di JJF 2015 mereka akan mencoba meramu konsep fusion dengan gaya big band.
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Let’s talk more about Salamander Big Band. Founded and led by Devy Ferdianto, they have been running for 6 years with great progress. You can see or expect hundreds of audience in almost all of their concert. You’ll be even more surprise with the fact that young audience usually dominated the number of attendance. That’s remarkable, since the current music trend in Indonesia actually goes to different direction than the good ol’ big band scene.
The Salamander Big Band upholds the traditional, classical concept of Big Band along with the spirit. They ususally appear in Count Basie-like formation, but you have to know that they play more than just the traditional swing. It’s like they open up a time tunnel for us to be able to experience the atmosphere of Swingin’ Big Band from the golden era all the way to the more modern periods. Often they infuse funk, pop, rock and/or ethnics inside their game then cook these ingredients well to create one spectacular show. Salamander Big Band is not just a band that’s big in size, but it’s an authentic Big Band with top-notch quality. You can always expect the best of Big Band sound coming from them.

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